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Application form 2018
  • Only use this 2018 version of the application form
  • We would appreciate if you could send the application as early as possible
  • Applications received after the deadline stands little chance of being dealt with
  • We on our hand will do our best to confirm acceptance within a short time after receiving the application.

Electronic application form in Excel

  • Handwritten applications forms will not be accepted.
  • We will only accept the European designed application form in Excel send by email.
  • You will find the application form below.
  • We will only accept candidates sponsored by the Lions Clubs.
  • All items must be filled in the application form.
  • Application forms must be signed by the youth, the parents, the responsible YCEC and the MD Chairperson. The signature page, page 3, must be scanned and send as a separate PDF file
  • Application form in Excel has to be filled in and sent as an electronic mail together with
    1. 1 lifelike portrait photo of the applicant, passport sized,
    2. and - if possible - a photo of the applicant's family.
    3. Copy of your passport or official national ID card
    4. The applicant is requested to write a personal letter of introduction in English to the prospective host family.
      • The letter must contain information of the applicant himself/herself, interests, studies, family members, home community and expectations for the exchange. The letter has to be addressed to: "Dear unknown family" and should follow the application form.

Please note our deadline is 15th of March, 2018

If you need a visa to go to Denmark, please notice the deadline is 15th of February 2018

>> Download Application form here  <<  Available from November 2017

Be patient, the transfer may take some time


The application form together with all the other documents has to be mailed to:

MD106, YCECD  Mr. Karsten Theil


Mobile: +45 40 45 01 53+45 31 48 65 60



Last updated: August 2016 / LBO

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