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Application form

Application form

  • Only use this 2021 version of the application form.
  • We would appreciate if you could send the application as early as possible
  • Applications received after the deadline stands little chance of being dealt with

We on our hand will do our best to confirm acceptance within a short time after receiving the application.

Electronic application form in Excel

>> Download Application form here

  • Handwritten applications forms will not be accepted.
  • We will only accept the European designed application form in Excel send by email.
  • You will find the application form below.
  • We will only accept candidates sponsored by the Lions Clubs.
  • All items must be filled in the application form.
  • Application forms must be signed by the youth, the parents, the responsible YCEC and the MD Chairperson. The signature page, must be scanned and send as a separate PDF file
  • Application form in Excel has to be filled in and sent as an electronic mail together with
  • 1 lifelike portrait photo of the applicant, passport sized,
  • and - if possible - a photo of the applicant's family.
  • Copy of your passport or official national ID card
  • The applicant is requested to write a personal letter of introduction in English to the prospective host family.
  • The letter must contain information of the applicant himself/herself, interests, studies, family members, home community and expectations for the exchange. The letter has to be addressed to: "Dear unknown family" and should follow the application form.

Please note our deadline is 15th of March.

If you need a visa to go to Denmark, please notice the deadline is 15th of February.

Be patient, the transfer may take some time

The application form together with all the other documents has to be mailed to:

MD106, YCECD  Mr. Karsten Theil
E-Mail: ycecd.md ved lions prik dk
Mobile: +45 31 48 65 60

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