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Camp A Program

Program for Camp A - The Journey of peace

Here is the pre-schedule for the camp. Changes may occur.

Saturday      Day 1. Welcome Day
Sunday        Day 2. Teambuilding. Day at home.
Monday       Day 3.
Tuesday       Day 4.
Wednesday  Day 5.
Thursday      Day 6. OL day.
Friday            Day 7. Preparations for the midway party
Saturday       Day 8. Midway party with host family
Sunday         Day 9. Great baking day. Bingo-fun
Monday         Day 10. Canoeing. Bonfire night.
Tuesday        Day 11. Danish Christmas
Wednesday  Day 12. Orienteering race. Evening "hygge" with singing.
Thursday       Day 13.
Friday             Day 14. Camp evaluation. Goodbye party.
Saturday        Day 15. Time to go Home

We expect all participants to present "Who I am and where I come from" 
There will be time to prepare on the Preparation Day.

We will upload the practical information soon.

Internet access will be provided during the camp.


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