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General Conditions

General conditions

  • The stay in Denmark is generally paid by Lions Clubs in Denmark, whereas the sponsoring Lions Club of the YCE-student is responsible for travel costs, insurance and reasonable pocket money
  • There is no camp fee
  • No alcohol permitted
  • Children of non-Lions as well as children of Lions are accepted on equal terms
  • YCE-applicants applying for the first time will be preferred prior to applicants who have already attended a YCE program
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Travel arrangements:

Please arrange your travel tickets based on these recommendations:


  • Your arrival time must be between 06.00 am to 08.00 pm
  • YCE Students from Europe and Middle East Destinations taking part of the home stay and camps in Denmark are expected to arrive 13th of July.
  • YCE students from overseas countries are expected to arrive 6th of July
  • Your airport should be the one mentioned for the individual camp (see details under the specific camp), for camp A this is Copenhagen airport (CPH). For Camp B, the recommended airport is Aalborg airport (AAL). For Camp C and E Billund airport (BLL) Billund airport has good international connections via Amsterdam in Holland or via Frankfurt in Germany.
  • Lions Denmark will arrange to have people ready to meet you at the airport and to assist you getting to your host family.
  • Some of you you will have to take a train from the airport to the Intercity train station close to your host family. Lions Denmark will assist you in getting the correct train ticket, however the train ticket will be at your own cost (expect a cost of DKK 250 - 450) 35 - 70 EURO each way.


  • Your departure time should be after 12 am Saturday 3th of August for all campers
  • This is to ensure that you have sufficient time to get from your camp location to the selected airport.
  • Your departure airport might be the same as your arrival airport.

Please note our deadline for the application is 15th of February if you need a visa and 15th of March, for all others

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