Hjem - Lions Youth Camps and Exchange




Youth Camp and Exchange Committee

Chairpersons responsible for Outgoing and Incoming students
Multiple District 106

Youth Camp and Exchange Director (MD-YCEC)
All general issues and contact person
Lasse Borgbjerg (Lions Hinnerup)
Vittenvej 54, DK 8282 Hinnerup, Denmark
Phone: +45 4138 6001Email: yced.md ved lions prik dk

Youth Camp and Exchange Co Director (MD-YCECD)
All incoming Students
Karsten Theil (Lions Næstved)
Østergade 9, DK 4700 Næstved, Denmark
Mobile: +45 3148 6560, Email: ycecd.md ved lions prik dk
Skype: icao-ktheil

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