Hjem - Lions Youth Camps and Exchange



Camp regulations

General behaviour
It is expected that your behaviour contribute to a good community for all participants in the camp.
The camp staff is highest authority and takes all necessary decisions during the camp.

Please note when you are joining our camp, you undertake to the following:

  • To speek English with all participants, Camp leader and staff.
  • To have a helpful positive and friendly attitude towards each other.
  • To respect different ethical, religious, political etc. attitudes.
  • To follow instructions and requests given by Camp Leader and staff.
  • To participate activily in our camp programme.
  • You are not allowed to ask or accept any transportation from unauthorized person or to drive any motor vehicle.
  • No alcohol permitted.

The camp language is English. All participants including camp leaders and assistants have to respect this rule.

All camps are non-alcoholic
Drugs and alcohol is absolutely forbidden
It is, we hope, not necessary to tell you that all kinds of drugs and alcohol are not allowed. If you are seen consuming or being in possession of either of these, you will immediately be sent home by the District Youth Camp & Exchange chairperson in charge and at your own expence.

Smoking is allowed only in a specific designated area.

Mobile phone, e-mail and information
Please limit the use of mobile phone and keep it in a silent mode.

Calls from telephone network are possible from the camp.

Computers are available in the evening for Internet and short messages via e-mail.

Cleaning and kitchen work
Camp participants will be divided in a no. of teams, who on shift will do the cleaning of the camp area and participate in kitchen work.
The accommodation rooms has to be cleaned by the occupants, who stay in the room.

Passport, tickets and money
Passport, visas and tickets are to be handed over to the camp officer for safe keeping immediately after your arrival at the camp. They will be returned to you just before you leave. Reconfirmation of tickets will be arranged by the camp officer.

It will be possible to deposit your money, credit cards, traveller's cheques or other articles of value in the camp office for safekeeping. It will be handed out on request from you.

Time schedule and leaving the camp
Please be punctual in order to keep time schedules in the camp programme.

You are not allowed to leave the camp without permission from the camp leader or the camp officer.

Please comply with the information and directions given by the camp leaders.

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