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Lions Denmark Youth Camp and Exchange


For many years, Lions MD106 Denmark has been a proud participant in the Lions International Youth Camp & Exchange – YCE – Programme.  This means that every year we present Danish candidates for exchange with countries all over the World, and likewise we invite youths from other countries to apply, through their national Lions Organisation, for exchange in Denmark.

We do neither offer education nor tourism.  We offer a one or two week stay with a Danish family and the opportunity to experience the Danish hospitality and take part in the family’s daily life, routines, habits and culture, and during the succeeding two weeks international camp we offer an opportunity to meet other youths from other countries and experience their cultures, languages etc.  Most important: we offer opportunities for life-long friendships!

For detailed information about the youth camps in Denmark and the associated exchange periods, we kindly refer you to the International YCE Directory or to the MD106 YCE Co-Director via email at ycecd.md ved lions prik dk.

Lions Denmark welcome visitors in accordance with the following policy:

  • On the opening day of the exchange period, the applicant must be within the age range of 17-21, both inclusive, and must be available for participation during the full exchange period.
  • Complete applications received before the deadline on 15 March will be accepted on a non-discriminatory basis and in the sequence in which they have been submitted.  On the deadline, incomplete applications will be considered void without further notification, unless specific agreements have been made on beforehand.
  • Complete applications must be submitted electronically to the MD106 Co-Director at ycecd.md ved lions prik dk, using the European Application Form Template in Excel format.  Applications must be forwarded through the nationally authorised Youth Camp & Exchange Chairman as named in the International YCE Directory and must be accompanied by the following compulsory electronic documents as separate files:
    • passport photo (head to shoulders)
    • a letter to the host family
    • a family photo
    • a copy of means of identification (passport or national identity card)
    • a copy of the signature page of the Application Form, showing all signatures

Lions Denmark is compliant with the European Union Regulation on General Protection of Personal Data.  This means that an applicant agrees that the personal data submitted in the complete application will be kept by Lions Denmark on a secure server and shared only with the host family and the Lions Denmark Officials as necessary.  After the end of the exchange period, Lions Denmark will delete all personal data from its servers.

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